A Tablet Accessory With Strength

February 12, 2014

The TabletTail: Monkey Kit tablet accessory was featured in the February issue of a popular UK publication. Mobile Choice Magazine is an influential tech magazine that covers all aspects of mobile devices. It includes the latest news and reviews of many mobile and tablet accessories.

“This chunky, hardcore tablet stand/holder is a serious bit of kit. It’s essentially a heavy, bendy rod wrapped in silicon, with a suction cup at one end to grip your tablet of choice. The idea is that you attach your device, then use the rod to hold it in place for easy operation – be it wrapped around a pole or some heavy object, or simply curling it into a nifty desk stand.”

They also mention the strength of the Vacuum Dock component of the tablet accessory, stating “The suction cup is as powerful as we hoped, able to clutch a variety of tablets securely and never letting go, even under severe prodding duress.”

You can read the feature in its entirety in the clipping below.

For other news and reviews on mobile devices and their accessories you can visit the Mobile Choice website.

Mobile_Choice_Magazine Magazine clipping from Mobile Choice Magazine featuring the Monkey Kit tablet accessory.

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