iPad Stand Most Useful Mount and Stand

September 24, 2012

Washington Family Magazine’s Jason Morris reveres Octa’s Whale Kit iPad stand and handle by saying, “this is the most useful mount and stand I have ever used.”

Octa’s Whale Kit iPad stand comes in two pieces: the Vacuum Dock + WhaleTail. The Vacuum Dock is easily attached to the back of almost any iPad, tablet, e-reader, or non-porous case by holding it against the back of the device and giving it a few pumps. The suction will then hold days without any additional pumps.

The Vacuum Dock can be used alone as a low angle iPad stand or as an iPad grip. For additional range as an iPad stand, attach the WhaleTail with a simple turn and click.

With the WhaleTail attached, the Whale Kit can also be used as an iPad handle. Simply thread the WhaleTail through your fingers, and bend the tail over your hand for a customizable fit. The twin flukes can even be bent inward for added wrist support!


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