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August 11, 2014

In the article, “A Tablet’s Best Friend – The Octa TabletTail Whale Kit!”, Blogger Amanda Tippit discusses the reasons why the Whale Kit tablet grip and stand is one of her “favorite must-have items for families!” Tippit praises the many uses of the Whale Kit and highlights each part that the Whale Kit includes, as well as how impressed she is with the vacuum dock.

Above all, she says, the best part of the Whale Kit is the comfort it provides as a tablet grip, especially when using it to hold a tablet in her hands. For this reason, Tippit says, “Once you try it, you can honestly never go back!” Though Tippit was only sent the Whale Kit, she mentions the Monkey Kit as something that can be added on for even more tablet-viewing positions. To conclude the article, Tippit suggests buying the Whale Kit as a Back-to-School gift, and includes a link to Octa’s website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Whale Kit tablet grip on inRandom

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