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Students, Meet Your New Teacher: The iPad

September 18, 2012

Students, Meet Your New Teacher - The iPadWith schools across the country expanding their budgets for iPad purchases–especially relative to their existing PC buying budget–there’s no better time to explore the function of iPads in the classroom.  We’ve taken a look at if iPads are a good match for school, and what the best apps are for iPad-aided learning. (more…)

Meet your New Phone – Apple Announces the iPhone 5

September 12, 2012

Meet your New Phone - Apple Announces the iPhone 5While the recent flood of leaked photos and specs might’ve dulled some of the excitement over Apple’s latest phone release, it’s is still an important day for iPhone. Today Apple officially introduced the latest in their mobile phone line, iPhone 5! They also made a couple less-expected announcements, including two new iPods, a new iTunes, and even some new headphones. We’ve sifted out all of the most important bits of news from today’s Apple event, so keep reading to find out the details.

iPhone 5 – A new form factor, a new processor, and a new operating system are some of the highlights of Apple’s press conference today.

Most importantly, the size and shape of the phone has changed: iPhone 5 sports a larger-than-ever 4-inch retina display. While the same amount of pixels-per-inch as the iPhone 4, this new screen is stretched nearer to a widescreen, 16:9 aspect ratio. This will mean more screen real estate for future apps and multimedia to take advantage of, and a longer physical device to hold in your hand/pocket/purse. This also means that the iPhone 5 will stick out visually from all other iPhones, rather than blending in as the iPhone 4S did–making it a must-have if you need to be seen with the latest and greatest Apple device.


Fashion for the Future – Following New York Fashion Week on iPhone and iPad

September 10, 2012

Fashion for the Future - Following New York Fashion Week on iPhone and iPadThis year, Fashion Week officially became futuristic. As designer Diane Von Furstenberg showed off her latest collection of designs, there was more on the runway than just the bright, exotic colors of her flowing lime and tangerine-colored dresses. Some models also took their lap through New York’s Lincoln Center wearing Google’s brand new interactive head-mounted displays (read: high tech camera glasses) called “Glass by Google.” Don’t worry–the actual products proved much sexier than their name, appearing in shades of white, blue, and orange and falling in line with von Fursterberg’s recent color blocking ways. This got us thinking about the intersection of high tech and high fashion, so we’ve rounded up the best ways to catch up on the designs from this year’s New York Fashion Week with the help of your trusty iPhone or iPad. (more…)

Mobile Register: iPhone & iPad Point Of Sale Apps & Accessories

August 8, 2012

Your New Mobile Register - Best iPhone & iPad Point Of Sale Apps & AccessoriesIf you’ve recently set foot in a craft fair, farmers market, or convention center and done some shopping, you’ve probably seen an iPad cleverly acting as a mobile point of sale register. With the help of a wireless connection, your tablet can be used to process and accept credit card transactions wherever you are, just like an established brick and mortar shop. We decided to check out the most popular solutions for making an iPad into a register for ourselves, so read on to see what we found. (more…)

Take a Hike! iPhone and iPad Apps and Accessories for the Great Outdoors

August 6, 2012

Take a Hike! iPhone and iPad Apps and Accessories for the Great OutdoorsNow that your iPhone and iPad are packed with all of your favorite apps, nobody really expects you to travel without them, even if you’re planning on “roughing it” through a hiking or camping trip into the woods. So we’ve rounded up some great hiking-related apps and accessories for taking with you on your next outdoor excursion. (more…)

Tiny Fingers, Big Fun: Our Favorite Kids’ iPad Apps

July 30, 2012

Tiny Fingers, Big Fun: Our Favorite Kids' iPad AppsHand your iPad to a small child, and you can be sure their eyes will immediately widen as they realize the simple but intense joy of what we (boring) adults call “touchscreen computing.” The bright, responsive screen is like an imagination-magnet for little kids, who take to tablets like fish to water. But if your device is devoid of any quality children’s iPad apps, expect to find your app drawer and e-mail account a mess when you pry it out of your companion’s tiny hands. Here are some of our favorite iPad apps designed specifically for the youngest iPad users out there, which will keep a curious kid busy poking and swiping for hours. (more…)

Get Goofy: Time Well Wasted with Four Fun iPhone and iPad Apps

July 27, 2012

Get Goofy: Time Well Wasted with Four Fun iPhone and iPad AppsProductivity be damned! Sometimes you just want to grab your iPhone or iPad and kill an hour or two with nothing to show for it except satisfaction. To help on your mission of screen tapping, time wasting app-induced euphoria, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite goofy iOS downloads. (more…)

iPhone and iPad Apps that Will Spin Your Bicycle Wheels

July 25, 2012

iPhone and iPad Apps that will Spin your Bicycle WheelsFor some reason, something that seemed perfectly natural as a kid can seem extremely intimidating as an adult. But if you could ride a bike when you were 10, there’s no reason you can’t still do it when you’re 20, 30, 40 or up. While the weather is nice, it’s the perfect time to get back into the saddler-errr bicycle seat, and these great iPhone and iPad apps and accessories will help you do it with ease. And if you never stopped riding your bike, read on to see if you’re missing out on any great iPhone or iPad apps you should’ve already downloaded by now. (more…)

For The Love Of Sport – London 2012 Summer Olympics Apps

July 23, 2012

For The Love Of Sport - London 2012 Summer Olympics AppsClearly, not all summers are created equal. This year is one of those extra-special summers, the kind that brings us another round of the international excitement and incredible spectacle of the Olympic Games. Kicking off in London on July 27th, the 2012 Summer Olympics are set to dominate the upcoming weeks of popular culture with news of foot-races run at record paces, javelins hurled outrageous distances, and trampolines…bounced on gracefully. And with the help of some handy apps, it’s easier than ever to follow the Summer Olympics this time around. So read on to see all of the best (free!) iPad and Android Apps to keep you in the games. (more…)

Get To The Point – The Best iPad Styluses

July 20, 2012

Get To The Point - The Best iPad StylusesThe iPad was built to be touched, sure. But as far as pointers go, our fingers don’t always feel like the most functional tools. If you’ve ever tried to scribble out your signature on screen or go deep into detail in a round of Draw Something, you’ve known what it means to yearn for a better input device. Luckily, there are an army of iPad accessory makers producing styluses (or styli) of all shapes and sizes to better your touch experience. To find out which one is best for you, read on about the best stylus options we’ve encountered. (more…)