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The Spider is a universal tablet holder no larger than your palm. Its overloaded rubber claws and precision engineered gear box, allow it to effectively spring open with a single button and ratchet down to hold your tablet very securely. The spiders range allows to it hold any iPad, Android, Kindle Windows or other tablet, or e-reader with ease and was designed by Prometheus Trotsky. Use the Spider on any tablet, large or small, with or without a case.

The Spider is at the heart of the Octa's interchange system. Connect it to other modular components to create the perfect setup for your needs.

The Spider works with the MonkeyTail, the WhaleTail, and the Bridge. Find them à la carte and in select TabletTail kits.

• Powerful: claws ratchet into place to hold your tablet securely

• Easy: one-button release allows quick deployment and storage

• Compact: no longer than your palm, no taller than 1"

• Modular: components fold and separate for travel and storage

• Universal: tablet holder works on any iPad, tablet, or e-reader (see Specs)

• Case-Friendly: compatible with most cases (see Specs)

• Interchangeable: modular design works with entire TabletTail™ system

What's in the Box:

•  Spider (tablet holder)
•  Instructions

The Spider provides an iPad mount that's compatible with every iPad model.  It's also a tablet mount that works on nearly every Android or Windows tablet.

Feel free to contact us thru with any questions.

The Spider is available in two sizes.

• The Small - 7.9" Spider’s claws have a grip range of 5.8 in (14.7 cm) to 7.9 in (20.1 cm)
• The Large - 8.75" Spider’s claws have a grip range of 5.8 in (14.7 cm) to 8.75 in (22.2 cm)

Compatible Tablets:

The Small - 7.9" Spider is compatible with tablets where the short side measures less than 5.9in (15 cm). This covers pretty much  every tablet but the 12" screens.

The Large - 8.75" Spider is compatible with tablets where the short side measures under 8.8 in (22.2 cm). it can hold the iPadPro 12.9" with or without a thin shell case and makes it easier to get the other tablets installed. 

if you have any quesestions on fit please reach out to us thru

Compatible Cases:

The Small - 7.9" Spider can hold cases between 5.80in (14.73cm) and 7.90in (20.07cm) in length or width that have a max thickness of 12mm (.47in). 

The Large - 8.75" Spider can hold cases between 5.80 in (14.73 cm) to 8.75 in (22.2 cm) in length or width that have a max thickness of 12mm (.47in).

Most cases fall into these parameters. The Otterbox defender does not.

Spider Specs (Folded):

Length (inches): 4” 
Width (inches): 2.05” 
Height (inches): 1.30"
Weight (ounces): 4.9 (0.31 lbs) 

The Spider is compatible with the entire Octa system. It has a steel male "Key" and connects to the Bridge series,  MonkeyTail,  WhaleTail, available à la carte and in select TabletTail kits.

Combine TabletTail components to create your customzied solution to mount or stand or handle your iPad Kindle Windows Andoid device.