+ QWhat is the TabletTail system?

The TabletTail system is comprised of seven interchangeable components that allow you to mount any tablet in any position. Everything that is featured on Octa.com is part of the TabletTail system.

TabletTail components are available a la carte under Products > Components. We also offer Kits which can be found under Products>Kits. The Kits bundle two or three of the components to make a ready to go solution for you.

+ QIs my current TabletTail product compatible with other TabletTail products?

The entire TabletTail system has been designed to work together. All components are interchangeable. By purchasing additional components, the TabletTail solution can be adapted to fit your specific needs.

+ QWhat cases does the TabletTail system work with?

We have two ways to connect your tablet to our TabletTail system, the Vacuum Dock, and the Spider. 

The Vacuum Dock uses suction to hold onto any tablet or case that has a smooth and non-pourous area that measures 3.75” (9.5cm) across.

The Spider uses two arms to mechanically grab any tablet or case that is between 5.8”(14.73cm) and 8.75”(22.23cm) in width or height.

As long as your case meets the criteria of either the Spider or the Vacuum Dock, then you can use it with the TabletTail system.

+ QWhich components do I need?

The choice of components will depend greatly on where and how you want to use your tablet.

For a relaxing solution, the Spider Monkey is amazing. It offers hands-free eye-level viewing and sets up easily on the couch or in bed. It’s also a great desktop stand.

If you are using your tablet more actively or in a lot of different rooms/ environments, the Lynx is a game changer. It is a quick and portable mounting solution and also a handle and stand.

You can purchase a Lynx and add a Monkey Tail to have the best of both worlds. You can also add on from there. Once you have the Lynx, adding a Vacuum Dock or a Wall Mount is a great add-on.

To use the Vacuum Dock or the Wall Mount, you will need to own a Spider and a Bridge (both included in the Lynx kit and available à la carte.)

+ QWhat size tablets work with the Spider?

There are two sizes of the Spider. The Spider uses two retractable arms to securely hold your tablet or smartphone, with or without a case.

The smaller Spider is available a la carte, under our “Components,” section.
Grip range is 5.8”(14.73cm) and 7.9”(20.7cm) and can hold any device with a length or width in this range.

The larger Spider is included in any ‘Kit’ that includes a Spider.
Grip range is 5.8”(14.73cm) and 8.75”(22.23cm) and can hold the extra- large tablets including the iPad Pro and the Plus size iPhones.

If you have any questions about if your tablet, phone or case will work with Octa’s products, please email us @ help@octa.com and we will research your specific device and respond very quickly.

+ QDoes the Spider work on smartphones?

The Spider uses two arms to mechanically grab any tablet or larger smartphone that is between 5.8” (14.7cm) and 8.75” (22.2cm) in width or height.

The Spider can hold the iPhone 6+, 6s+, and 7+ as well as the larger Android and Windows phones. Please measure the long side and see if it is longer than 5.8″ * (14.7cm)

+ QIs there a longer version of the Bridge?

Currently the Bridge is only available in the 5.28” model that is included in the Lynx and available by itself, here on Octa.com.

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+ QHow do I open my Clamp?

First, unfold the bottom jaw of the Clamp.

Second, press and hold the release button while simultaneously sliding up the rack.

Third, flip open the top jaw.

We have helpful videos which demonstrate these three steps. Simply navigate to to Support>Video, and then select Clamp from the menu that appears over the top left corner of the video.

+ QWhat is the grip range of the Clamp?

The Clamp can hold any flat, round, or irregular surface up to 2″ thick.

+ QHow do I get the Vacuum Dock off of my tablet?

Located at the edge of the seal are two release tabs. We designed these to take a little bit of intentional effort so you don’t end up releasing your tablet by accident. Simply roll your thumb or forefinger underneath the tab. This will create a gap in the seal and will release the Vacuum Dock from your tablet.

If it still won’t let go, try sliding the corner of a credit card between the Vacuum Dock and the iPad. This solution works every time.

+ QI just placed an order. When can I expect it to ship?

We do our best to ship orders the same day that they come in, Monday-Friday. Orders that come in on the weekend or after 2pm EST will be shipped on the following business day.

+ QHow do I remove the Dome Cap from the Vacuum Dock?

To remove the Dome Cap from the Vacuum Dock, simply press into the center of it with your thumb or finger and then lift it out by its edge.

+ QMy Vacuum Dock is losing suction. What should I do?

There are four common reasons that suction might fail:

1. The Vacuum Dock is not placed properly on the tablet. It is important to make sure to follow the instructions and avoid allowing the edge of the Vacuum Dock to intersect with the logo on your tablet. For more details on this please see the FAQ titled “What is the proper placement of the Vacuum Dock on my tablet?”

2. The logos on a small number of iPads can leak air. Apple manufactures iPads to have a seal around the logo to prevent liquids and other debris from getting into the iPad, but sometimes the logo’s seal is not airtight.

3. The suction cup is dirty. It is important to make sure that you have a clean suction cup before applying it to your iPad or tablet. A stray hair can cause a Vacuum Dock that usually holds for days to only hold for hours. You can easily clean the suction cups outer edge with a wet finger.

4. The suction cup is defective. Octa warranties all our products.

If you are confident that it is none of the first three issues, the best next step is to place the clean Vacuum Dock onto a clean pane of glass and see if the problem persists. If it suddenly works great on glass, then it is probably the Apple logo. Otherwise, if it still releases quickly, send an email to help@octa.com and we can further assist you and see about replacing the Vacuum Dock in question. Be sure to include as much information as possible in your email, such as your name, when & where you bought it, and how long it held during the glass test.

+ QI think that my Apple logo leaks air, what can I do about it?

Sometimes this happens, mostly with an older iPad. A popular solution is to place an Apple sticker over the Apple logo. If you choose to do this, be sure to place the sticker so it is completely covering the iPad’s Apple and that it is pressed on firmly on all edges. This will stop the air from leaking and empower you to use your Vacuum Dock anywhere you choose on your iPad.

+ QHow do I clean the Vacuum Dock?

The Vacuum Dock can be easily cleaned with water. Simply dip your finger in water and run it across the smooth outer edge of the suction cup until you can feel the smooth surface free of dust and dirt. Refer to the video below for a demonstration:

+ QCan the MonkeyTail be used as a long Bridge?

No. The MonkeyTail will not function as a long bridge; it only has a single coupling end. The Bridge has coupling connectors on both ends that allow it to connect to two components at once.

The MonkeyTail connects to the Spider.

The Bridge connects to the Spider on one end and to the Vacuum Dock, the Wall Mount, or the Clamp on the other.

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+ QHow do I detach the MonkeyTail from the Vacuum Dock?

First rotate the locking ring so that the silver arrow is pointing to the un-locked symbol. Then press the base of the MonkeyTail inwards and rotate it counterclockwise to remove it. Please refer to the video below for a demonstration:

+ QHow do I remove the WhaleTail from the Vacuum Dock?

Simply press the base of the tail into the Vacuum Dock and rotate counterclockwise to remove the WhaleTail. See the video below for a demonstration:

+ QHow long does International Shipping usually take?

Octa.com offers three shipping speeds for international customers:

USPS Priority Mail International: This service usually takes 6-10 business days, but could take longer to certain countries. This is also the cheapest option as it is through the US Postal Service in conjunction with the destination country’s postal service

UPS Worldwide Expedited: This service by UPS usually takes 2-5 business days. This can cost quite a bit more than the Priority Mail option, but offers full tracking from origin to destination.

UPS Worldwide Express: This service by UPS takes 1-3 Business Days to deliver. This is the most expensive option, but is great if you need your package in a hurry.

The price of these services is dependent on what you order from Octa.com and can vary widely. Our site is built to give you live rate quotes on all of these services. Simply add the products that you are interested in to your shopping cart, and then proceed to the checkout screen. There, before entering any other information, simply enter your address and the ‘Shipping Method’ section will update automatically with the costs to ship the package to your address.

+ QWhat is the proper placement of the Vacuum Dock on my tablet?

The Vacuum Dock should be placed on a smooth and non-porous surface to ensure a good seal. With certain devices, like iPads, the logo can cause a disruption if it intersects the edge of the suction cup. In these cases, the Vacuum Dock should be placed either completely over the logo, or completely outside of the logo. For further clarity, please refer to the video below as well.

+ QWhat is the big button on the Vacuum Dock for?

The silver button on the Vacuum Dock pumps out the air between the dock and your tablet, creating a strong and reliable seal.

By using our vacuum pump technology, the Vacuum Dock is able to hold onto your tablet much more securely and for a longer duration than a suction cup.

+ QDoes the MonkeyTail work on wheelchairs?

Yes! The MonkeyTail works great on wheelchairs, We even have a video that looks at exactly how to use the MonkeyTail on a wheelchair. You can find that video here:

Video Gallery

We’ve made helpful instructional videos for all of our products. In the video gallery, select the product that you’d like to learn more about from the menu at the upper left corner of the video frame. 

+ QI’m having trouble using the MonkeyTail.

We’ve made some instructional videos that go into more detail than the instruction booklet:

Creating a Stand Position:

Wrapping the MonkeyTail around a Pole:

Hanging the MonkeyTail:

Tucking the MonkeyTail between Cushions: