Media Mentions

Tablet Grip on inRandom Parenting Blog

August 11, 2014

In the article, “A Tablet’s Best Friend – The Octa TabletTail Whale Kit!”, Blogger Amanda Tippit discusses the reasons why the Whale Kit tablet grip and stand is one of her “favorite must-have items for families!” Tippit praises the many uses of the Whale Kit and highlights each part that the Whale Kit includes, as well as how impressed she is with the vacuum dock.


iPad Holder on TODAY Show’s Top 3 Tech

August 11, 2014

Mario Armstrong includes Octa’s hands-free iPad holder–the Monkey Kit–as part of his “Top 3 in Tech” segment on the TODAY Show.  Armstrong recommends using the Monkey Kit on a couch, in a chair, on a treadmill, and even on a ladder!


Android Accessories by Octa on Android Headlines

June 5, 2014

Android accessories can be hard to come by.  With so many different Android devices available, no one manufacturer could make the perfect accessory for every Android tablet.   Until TabletTail. (more…)

TabletTail Kickstarter Campaign on TUAW

May 28, 2014

Every week, TUAW provides a heads-up on Apple-related projects that their readers might be interested in backing on Kickstarter.  This week, Steve Sande discussed Octa’s TabletTail system.  He said that TableTail makes mounting your iPad just about anywhere a piece of cake. (more…)

Review: Versatile Tablet Stand on Let’s Talk Tech

April 23, 2014

Let’s Talk Tech test drove the Monkey Kit tablet stand.  Their findings?  Use the Monkey Kit in bed to comfortably watch shows and movies.  The Monkey Kit lets you kick back and relax without actually having to hold anything! (more…)

Tech Tuesday Features Octa, Calls Tablet Mounts Versatile

April 1, 2014

KUSA and 9News sat down with Scott Yates for Tech Tuesday to highlight Octa’s innovative line of tablet mounts and stands.  The TabletTail system, which currently includes the Monkey Kit and the Whale Kit, is giving owners new options for using their electronic devices.  The MonkeyTail, Yates explains, can grip “just about anything.”  He describes using the Monkey Kit with your tablet “anywhere you want to put it.”  Gregg Moss calls the Octa line “cool products.”   (more…)

Tablet Stand in the Journal

March 25, 2014

The TabletTail: Monkey Kit was recently featured in the Journal magazine.  The journal ranked the tablet stand at 8/10 points and included the Monkey Kit in a roundup of the gadget of the month. (more…)

Tablet Stand Review and Giveaway

February 13, 2014

The Simple Side of Life wrote a review of the Whale Kit tablet stand and are hosting a giveaway of one of these ultra-flexible and compact stands. In their review they write “The WhaleTail Kit makes holding your device really comfortable and convenient and props up just about anywhere, holding your device very stable. This item is very lightweight, sturdy and I have to admit that it is really unique and cool looking.” They also note that the Whale Kit is a part of the TabletTail system, an interchangeable line of accessories for iPads, tablets and e-readers, designed to give you more freedom with your technology. (more…)

A Tablet Accessory With Strength

February 12, 2014

The TabletTail: Monkey Kit tablet accessory was featured in the February issue of a popular UK publication. Mobile Choice Magazine is an influential tech magazine that covers all aspects of mobile devices. It includes the latest news and reviews of many mobile and tablet accessories. (more…)

Tablet Holder – TV on your Tablet

January 28, 2014

Many of us enjoy television programming on our tablets. Between Netflix, Hulu and iTunes, who even needs a television set anymore? While this can be convenient for many, it can often cause problems when trying to position your tablet in a way that is comfortable for viewing.