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iPad Ergonomics Part One: Best Practices for using your iPad

September 19, 2012

iPad Ergonomics Part One- Best Practices for using your iPadWith the boom in sales of the iPad and similar handheld mobile computers, many users are discovering the convenience of the tablet form factor for the first time. But while this new style of computer is extremely popular, it presents a host of new ergonomic challenges that could have lasting implications on the health of our bodies. As we spend more and more time holding, typing, and swiping on our iPads, we’re putting new stresses on our bodies that can have serious physical implications down the line. Because we spend as much time on our iPads as anbody, we set out to examine the best practices of iPad ergonomics that will keep tablet usage efficient, comfortable, and–most of all–healthy. (more…)

iPad Mini – Big Rumors about a Small Device

August 15, 2012

iPad Mini - Big Rumors about a Small DeviceIf you believe what’s floating around the internet (and why wouldn’t you?) then we’re close to seeing a brand new i-device from Apple, to be announced less than a month from now. Referred to by the press as the “iPad Mini,” the device would be a tablet computer just like the iPad, but smaller. The rumors are strong with this one, and we think we know why: because a device like the iPad Mini would make a lot of sense, especially for younger users.

Get To The Point – The Best iPad Styluses

July 20, 2012

Get To The Point - The Best iPad StylusesThe iPad was built to be touched, sure. But as far as pointers go, our fingers don’t always feel like the most functional tools. If you’ve ever tried to scribble out your signature on screen or go deep into detail in a round of Draw Something, you’ve known what it means to yearn for a better input device. Luckily, there are an army of iPad accessory makers producing styluses (or styli) of all shapes and sizes to better your touch experience. To find out which one is best for you, read on about the best stylus options we’ve encountered. (more…)

For your Consideration, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Tablet

May 9, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Tablet works great with the TabletTail stands for iPad, tablet and e-readerWhen a new Apple iPad goes up for sale, it’s something akin to an international incident. When a new Samsung Android tablet is announced for presale, it’s exciting- but sometimes it can fly under the radar. That’s why we’re here to help keep you up to date: in case you didn’t know, Samsung’s 16GB Galaxy Tab 2 10.1” tablet is available for pre-order via Amazon and other online retailers, and will hit store shelves at your local electronics retailer on May 13th. (more…)

Is the New iPad Too Hot to be Cool?

March 30, 2012

iPad heating up? The Whale Kit may be the best iPad stand to keep it from affecting you!Can’t stand the Heat? Get out of the computer room! (more…)

iPad: The Third Generation

March 8, 2012

Third generation iPad stand works great with Octa's Whale Kit holder for iPad 3Perhaps the biggest surprise about the iPad 3 is it’s name, which isn’t actually iPad 3. It’s just “iPad.” So what gives? This past Wednesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed all there is to know about the new device. (more…)

It’s Official: A New iPad is Coming

February 29, 2012

Octa Whale Kit makes great holder for iPad 3

On Tuesday, Apple mailed out the invites for their next big event. (more…)

Update Your Mobile Technology: Smartphones and Computers

February 14, 2012

iphone holder

Without an iPad, an iPhone, or even a sufficiently smart phone, I was getting left behind. Literally. (more…)

Chrome Away from Home: New Android Browser

February 9, 2012

Google Chrome for AndroidGoogle Chrome for Android A beta version of Google’s popular Chrome web browser is finally available for Android-powered phones and tablets. However, before you rush on over to the Android Marketplace, there’s something you should know. This new mobile Chrome is great, but you probably can’t use it yet. (more…)

Octa Launches at 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show

January 10, 2012

 Unveils versatile TabletTail line and signature products – the Vacuum Dock and WhaleTail – to increase mobility and ease of use of tablets and e-readers 

Las Vegas – January 10, 2012 – Octa (, a creator of tablet and e-reader accessories, today announced the official launch of the company and its TabletTail line. The company will debut its never before seen product at booth #6221 at the 2012 International CES in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Convention Center and World Trade Center/Las Vegas Hilton.

Prometheus Trotsky and Nikki Braziel founded the company on the premise of combining technology with forms found in nature to create distinctive tablet and e-reader accessories that suit every lifestyle.

The TabletTail product line is launching with two separate components: the Vacuum Dock and WhaleTail stand. Their compact and agile design compliments the sleek construction of tablets and e-readers and gives users the mobility their lifestyle demands. The Vacuum Dock is a comfortably-shaped grip with a convenient low-angle stand. When attached to the Vacuum Dock, the WhaleTail increases functionality by acting as both a stand with a full range of angles and a handle for tablets and e-readers. Additional docks and tails that are compatible and interchangeable will be released throughout 2012.

“Many tablet accessories are created simply to provide protection, but they don’t extend the functionality of the device,” said COO Nikki Braziel. “Our goal at Octa is to improve the way people use their technology. Our product line is not only universally adaptable to a range of tablets and e-readers, but it also adds usability when you’re on the go. The WhaleTail creates a handle that allows you to safely use your tablet while working, walking, traveling, multi-tasking, reading, or watching a movie.”

Product Highlights:

  • All-in-one stand and handle solution
  • Full range of portrait and landscape angles
  • Vacuum suction attaches securely to your tablet or e-reader for 6+ hours
  • Lightweight, compact, and mobile
  • Comfortable handle nestles in palm
  • Modular Vacuum Dock is compatible with future Octa TabletTail accessories
  • Currently available in black

The TabletTail is priced at $59.95. It is currently available for pre-order and will be shipped in April 2012. For more information, visit


Octa creates distinctive mobile electronics accessories that make the digital experience more enjoyable.  The creation of Prometheus Trotsky and Nikki Braziel, Octa was born from their combined love of technology and natural form. The team is comprised of a small group of artists, philosophers, and inventors, constantly striving to combine beauty and functionality. They maintain a creative environment by combining work and playfulness in their Denver headquarters.

For more information, visit us at