iPad Case for Mad Men, Season Six

April 30, 2013

iPad Cases and iPads Worthy of Mad MenLast season our favorite Mad Men and women shimmied through 1967 with newlywed bliss, impromptu acid trips, birth and death. As the AMC drama makes its way through the 1960s, anything is possible in the upcoming season. Break out your iPad and tablet mount, settle in with a mod-inspired cocktail, and take a peek at these Mad Men inspired iPad accessories.

Peggy Olson • iPad Case ($63.90)

Swap your typewriter for an iPad stand with this stylish sixties’ iPad case from Redbubble.com. Who wouldn’t want to emulate Mad Men’s most driven copywriter? Multitask like Peggy with one eye on the show and your finger on the pulse of pop culture by using Octa’s TabletTail: Whale Kit as a tablet mount.

Peggy Olson by TatiDuarte

Mad Men Cocktail Culture • iPad App ($0.99)

While you show off your Mad Men iPad case, mix up a classic cocktail along with Don Draper. Peruse vintage recipes or sample your favorite characters’ drink of choice. Just add a snappy suit and one of our iPad stands and you’ll be ready to celebrate a new client with the rest of the gang.

Mad Men Cocktail Culture by AMC Network Entertainment LLC

Mad Men in Control • iPad Case ($34.95)

This iPad case is a total steal. For under $50, pick one of the more customizable iPad cases out there, available in black, light blue, hot pink, and lime green. Keep it cool while you’re out and about, and don’t forget to put on your Mad Men shades.

Mad Men in Control on Cafe Press

AMC Mobile • iPad App (Free)

It doesn’t get much better than free! If you’ve splurged on a fancy iPad case and tablet mount, this app is the one for you. Learn more about the Mad Men characters, watch trailers for upcoming episodes, and dive into the other great dramas that AMC has to offer.

AMC Mobile by AMC Network Entertainment LLC

You Only Live Once • iPad Case ($98.51)

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Drop a pretty penny on this gorgeous Mad Men iPad case design, also from Redbubble. With Octa’s TabletTail: Monkey Kit iPad stand, you take Don Draper and your iPad with you wherever you go. With a flexible tail that bends and curves into place, the Monkey Tail is ideal to bring as with you to the beach, on the couch, at the gym, or cozied up in bed!

You Only Live Once by Tom Roderick

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