Tablet Holder – TV on your Tablet

January 28, 2014

Many of us enjoy television programming on our tablets. Between Netflix, Hulu and iTunes, who even needs a television set anymore? While this can be convenient for many, it can often cause problems when trying to position your tablet in a way that is comfortable for viewing.

Woman Magazine is one of the most popular female-focused publications for sale in the UK with over 255,000 readers per week. In their recent report “Top New TV Gadgets” they found that the Monkey Kit tablet holder is a great solution for the problem of setting your tablet in just the right place.

Whether in bed, on the couch, or backseat of a car, the Monkey Kit is the tablet holder that puts your content right where you want it.

The review says “If you’ve ever given yourself a stiff neck watching TV on your tablet in bed or on the sofa, this gizmo is for you. The bendy length of heavy-duty flex will hold your device in position to suit any situation.”


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 Woman Magazine's review of the Monkey Kit tablet holder

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