Tablet Stand in the Journal

March 25, 2014

The TabletTail: Monkey Kit was recently featured in the Journal magazine.  The journal ranked the tablet stand at 8/10 points and included the Monkey Kit in a roundup of the gadget of the month.

The Journal states:

Tablets like the iPad mini Retina are beautifully crafted but if you want to watch a film or play a game without the hassle of holding it, you are left awkwardly propping them on your knee or against an object to achieve a decent angle. Denver tech accessory brand Octa has devised the TableTail: Monkey Kit to enable any tablet/e-reader to seemingly float with its tablet positioning system. The TabletTail comes in two parts — a vacuum dock, which suckers to the tablet’s back and a MonkeyTail, which as the name suggests can be coiled to keep your device hanging or raised in a variety of poses.  You can rotate the screen while it’s still attached.  The TabletTail is easy to set up and lock in position.  You use a vacuum plunger to increase suction.  The Gadget Inspector left an iPad 3 for more than 12 hours without losing adhesion.

The Journal is a UK-based lifestyle magazine with a print circulation of 38,000.  See the full article below.Monkey Kit Tablet Stand Reviewed by the UK Journal


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