Review: Versatile Tablet Stand on Let’s Talk Tech

April 23, 2014

Let’s Talk Tech test drove the Monkey Kit tablet stand.  Their findings?  Use the Monkey Kit in bed to comfortably watch shows and movies.  The Monkey Kit lets you kick back and relax without actually having to hold anything!

As the Founder and Editor of Let’s Talk Tech, Fabio Virgi is no stranger to gadgets.  He loves technology, innovation, and good design.  It’s a fair guess that he has a tablet stand or two.  He used the Monkey Kit for a few weeks before revealing his findings.  He commented on the quality and the design of both the MonkeyTail and the Vacuum Dock, saying they were “extremely well made”.

The MonkeyTail and the Vacuum Dock are part of the same modular line of tablet accessories.  The components are universal and interchangeable.  The MonkeyTail is a flexible, three-foot “tail” that provides an ideal tablet stand for use in bed, on the couch, or at the office.  It’s sturdy enough to stay in any position.  The Vacuum Dock suctions onto the back of your tablet, holding its seal for days, and connects to the MonkeyTail.

Let’s Talk Tech wrote that the Monkey Kit is “worth every penny.”

Final results?  A 90% grade on design and built quality, and a 90% grade on performance.  Quoting Let’s Talk Tech, “use your tablet in ways you couldn’t before”!

Octa MonkeyTail Review: A Versatile Stand for Your Tablets

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