Octa’s Universal Positioning System Takes Tablets to New Environments

May 27, 2014

Technology Startup Enhances iPad, eReader and Other Tablets with Second Kickstarter Campaign

Denver, CO (May 20, 2014) — Octa, a Denver-based technology startup and maker of the evolutionary TabletTail™ accessories system, has launched its second Kickstarter campaign.  The project will introduce four new TabletTail components to allow users to stand, grip, wrap, hang, and use their tablet anywhere.  TabletTail accessories are mobile, modular, and interchangeable, with dynamic parts that can be paired to create personalized configurations.

After raising $103,000 through its first Kickstarter project, Octa wanted to continue improving the physical connections between users, technology, and their environments.  In February 2013, the Monkey Kit project, which included the MonkeyTail and the Vacuum Dock, focused on comfortable tablet use in bed and on the couch.  Octa’s new components will further unlock the potential of portable technology.

“We want to make technology accessible and adaptable,” said Prometheus Trotsky, co-founder of Octa. “That starts with being able to physically place your device where you need it.  With a strong positioning system, you can use your tablet in ways that were never before possible.”

The four new components include:

  • The Spider: This universal tablet holder fits in your palm.  Using high-tolerance gears, its claws fling open to grip the sides of any tablet, ratcheting securely into place.
  • The Clamp: This versatile tablet mount clamps to flat, round, or irregular surfaces.  It’s ideal for use at home or on-the-go; attach it to desks and tables, microphones and cameras, swings and hammocks, wheelchairs and high chairs.
  • The Bridge: The Bridge lets you connect multiple TabletTail components.  It bends and flexes in the middle, and both ends feature 360° rotation.  The Bridge can be used as a power-grip handle or as a tabletop tablet stand by leaving one end free.
  • The Wall Mount: With two simple screws, this low-profile tablet mount can be affixed semi-permanently to a wall, a desk, or another hard surface.  Incorporate your tablet into a home automation or entertainment system, or just leave it in the kitchen for easy reference while cooking.

All new TabletTail components work with previously-released Octa products, including the MonkeyTail, the WhaleTail, and the Vacuum Dock.

Octa’s Kickstarter rewards feature the following four TabletTail combinations, compatible with most tablets available today:

  • Kingdom Kit ($150): The entire TabletTail system offers all seven components―the enhanced MonkeyTail, WhaleTail, Vacuum Dock, Spider, Bridge, Clamp and Wall Mount―for the ultimate tablet experience.
  • Lynx ($90): This bundle is comprised of the Spider, Bridge and Clamp―ideal for sturdy use in the office or in more adventurous environments.
  • Spider Monkey ($70): Featuring Octa’s enhanced MonkeyTail and Spider, this combination provides endless viewing possibilities―especially on a couch or in bed.
  • The Scorpion ($50): Reminiscent of a scorpion’s tail, this bundle includes the Spider, Bridge and Wall Mount for a more permanent option to use tablets throughout the home, workplace or other environment.

To learn more about Octa’s current Kickstarter campaign, please visit TabletTail: a Universal Tablet Positioning System.

To read the official release on PR Newswire, please visit their website.

About Octa

Founded in 2010 by Prometheus Trotsky and Nikki Braziel, Octa is a team of eight artists, engineers and friends constantly striving to merge beauty and functionality. Inspired by a combined love of technology and the natural form, Octa manufactures and designs distinct tablet accessories that bring to life the untapped mobility of tablets for all people―young, old and everyone in between. Octa’s products are available in the U.S. and Canada, as well as the U.K., Belgium, Greece, Holland, and Italy. Products can also be purchased on Amazon and on www.octa.com. Follow Octa on Twitter at www.twitter.com/octaproducts and Facebook at www.facebook.com/octaproducts.


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