Whale Kit Makes Whimsical Practical iPad Stand & Handle

September 10, 2012

Macworld calls Octa’s Whale Kit iPad stand and handle both practical and whimsical. Aside from it’s sleek design, the Whale Kit also has many uses.

Octa’s Whale Kit comes in two pieces: the Vacuum Dock + WhaleTail. The Vacuum Dock attaches to the back of almost any iPad, tablet, e-reader, or non-porous case. The Vacuum Dock can be used alone as a grip, or made into an iPad stand or handle by attaching the WhaleTail. Simply remove the Dome Cap on the Vacuum Dock to reveal it’s internal gear system, and twist in the WhaleTail. The WhaleTail can be bent to any angle, creating a flexible iPad stand, or bent over the hand and used as a handle.


Octa Tablet Tail Whale Kit

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