Meet your New Phone – Apple Announces the iPhone 5

September 12, 2012

Meet your New Phone - Apple Announces the iPhone 5While the recent flood of leaked photos and specs might’ve dulled some of the excitement over Apple’s latest phone release, it’s is still an important day for iPhone. Today Apple officially introduced the latest in their mobile phone line, iPhone 5! They also made a couple less-expected announcements, including two new iPods, a new iTunes, and even some new headphones. We’ve sifted out all of the most important bits of news from today’s Apple event, so keep reading to find out the details.

iPhone 5 – A new form factor, a new processor, and a new operating system are some of the highlights of Apple’s press conference today.

Most importantly, the size and shape of the phone has changed: iPhone 5 sports a larger-than-ever 4-inch retina display. While the same amount of pixels-per-inch as the iPhone 4, this new screen is stretched nearer to a widescreen, 16:9 aspect ratio. This will mean more screen real estate for future apps and multimedia to take advantage of, and a longer physical device to hold in your hand/pocket/purse. This also means that the iPhone 5 will stick out visually from all other iPhones, rather than blending in as the iPhone 4S did–making it a must-have if you need to be seen with the latest and greatest Apple device.

While there are no true stand-out new features in iPhone 5, virtually every component of the phone has gotten a slight upgrade. Components have been made thinner to fit into the new body, which is only 7.6mm thick. The rear camera has gotten 40% faster, so there should be less delay as you snap photos, and a new panorama feature will be available for stitching multiple shots together. The front camera has gotten a 1.2 megapixel sensor, for HD FaceTime chats going forward.  The fragile glass back of the phone has been replaced by a tougher aluminum casing, making this bigger phone a bit less breakable than in the past, and giving it a unique two-toned appearance. And the processor that pushes it all has been bumped up as well; the A5 processor will stay with the iPhone 4S, while the iPhone 5 will get a shiny new A6 processor. Sounds much faster! Looking for additional things to wow us with, Apple has even upgraded the microphone for clearer voice recording, and swapped out the old dock connector for a slimmer solution they call “Lightning.” The prices haven’t changed for a new iPhone, and this one will cost a similar $199-$399, depending on how much memory you need.

iPod Touch – Like a cuter clone of the iPhone 5, the brand new iPod Touch will feature the same 4-inch screen as its cousin, but come in a variety of colors like blue, red, and green. It’s extremely thin (6.1 mm) and includes two HD cameras, 1080p on the rear and 720p on the front. At $299+, it’s not cheap–but it will include a full version of iOS 6 for running all of the same apps as any iPhone, and the included A5 processor makes it as powerful as an iPhone 4S, minus the ability to make cellular calls.

iPod Nano – The iPod Nano might exist on the cheaper end of Apple’s product line, but it too got an upgrade today. The new version is thinner, it’s lighter, and has a bigger (2.5-inch) screen. It’s packed with features specific to the fitness crowd, including a pedometer and bluetooth for quick data offloading, making it an attractive device to take on a run or workout session. And sweating fingers will appreciate the new control scheme, which features both touch controls and physical buttons. And it also comes in a range of colors, like purple, blue, green, yellow and red, for just $149.

EarPods – Even those little white headphones got an upgrade. Now called EarPods, they’ve gotten a new look and a promise to stay in your ears better, thanks to their asymmetrical design. They follow the same high standards that Apple has always held their earbuds to, promising to compete with high-end headphones from other manufacturers. And sold separately, they’re just $29.


Alexei Bochenek is a lifelong tech nerd & film buff based in Los Angeles. When he’s not playing with his phone, it’s because the movie has started. Shhhhh!

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