A Tablet Accessory With Strength

February 12, 2014

The TabletTail: Monkey Kit tablet accessory was featured in the February issue of a popular UK publication. Mobile Choice Magazine is an influential tech magazine that covers all aspects of mobile devices. It includes the latest news and reviews of many mobile and tablet accessories. (more…)

Tablet Holder – TV on your Tablet

January 28, 2014

Many of us enjoy television programming on our tablets. Between Netflix, Hulu and iTunes, who even needs a television set anymore? While this can be convenient for many, it can often cause problems when trying to position your tablet in a way that is comfortable for viewing.


Tablet Holder – Monkey Tail by Octa

January 28, 2014

Mac Sources’ Nick Calderone reviewed the Monkey Kit tablet holder calling it “the ultimate tablet companion”.

Nick displays in his video how he used his Monkey Kit in the kitchen, the bedroom, on the couch and in the car. He found the Monkey Kit was extremely useful in all of these situations, stating “As you can see here, the MonkeyTail just works.”


iPad Stand on Daily App Show

January 23, 2014

James Horton of The Daily App Show recently reviewed Octa’s Monkey Kit iPad stand. The review included a comprehensive video and a list of its features such as the adjustable swivel-base and compatibility with most popular tablets.


iPad Holder is Noteworthy Gadget of 2013

January 7, 2014

The Monkey Kit iPad holder was mentioned Star -Telegrams list of some of the best gadgets of 2013. Also included in the round-up were an impressive heavy duty flashlight from Energizer, stylish portable subwoofers by Twelve South and Ventev’s PowerDash r900 USB charger. In the section reviewing Octa’s Monkey Kit iPad holder, the article talks about the strength of the Vacuum Dock and the flexibility of the Monkey Tail.


Monkey Kit Tablet Holder in Outblush

December 20, 2013

The Monkey Kit tablet holder can now be found on the women’s blog Outblush. Outblush is “a blog for girls who love to shop”. They discover and post about the best home items, clothing, beauty products and more. Here’s what they had to say about the TabletTail: Monkey Kit.


Tablet Stand by Octa in UK Magazine MacFormat

December 18, 2013

In a recent issue, Octa’s Monkey Kit tablet stand was included in MacFormat’s roundup of tech accessories. The tablet stand is praised for its versatility in displaying an iPad or tablet at nearly any height and angle. Also in the roundup are a pair of wireless earphones for sleeping in, a mini USB key, and a charging dock with lightning connector for an iPad.


Trusted Reviews: Monkey Kit iPad Holder

December 16, 2013

Founded in 2003, Trusted Reviews is one of the premier tech sites in the UK, reviewing all things from gaming consoles to digital cameras to home appliances. Trusted Reviews shares the latest in technology news with over 4 million readers per month. Evan Kypreos, their Editor-in-chief, recently reviewed the TabletTail: Monkey Kit, giving the iPad holder eight out of ten stars.


iPad Holder Allows You to Go Hands-Free

December 12, 2013

TUAW’s Editor-in-chief Victor Agreda Jr. found many different uses for Monkey Kit iPad holder. From using it on kitchen counter while cooking to watching a weather forecast while shaving in the morning, the Monkey Kit is a versatile iPad holder with “an almost endless array of secure positioning options”. Victor also notes that the Vacuum Dock component of the Monkey Kit isn’t just for iPads as it will attach to any smooth, nonporous surface.


iPad Stand Reviewed by UK MacUser

December 10, 2013

MacUser is a British publication bringing up-to-date tech news to readers each month. Their 2013 Gift Guide included a Travel Vest, some stylish headphones and the TabletTail:Monkey Kit iPad stand.

“Another product that arose from a Kickstarter project, the innovative Monkey Kit is based on a hemispherical ball that attaches to the back of any iPad by suction. It’s pumped up using a large, chunky button, which guarantees a solid fit. At the other end of the gadget, rather than a regular stand, is a metre-long flexible tail that can be twisted into any position. Curl it up to make a table prop, or if you’re in an armchair or lying on a bed you can tuck it under your legs, where, being made of soft silicone, it’s surprisingly comfortable.

Because the head can be bent to literally any angle, it’s easy to get your iPad in exactly the right position for viewing. The makers claim the suction pump will adhere to just about any surface, including cases, but we found it worked best on a naked iPad or a hard plastic shell; leather doesn’t provide the smoothness required for reliable grip.

The kit separates into two for travel, and the pump base can also be used by itself, rested on a tabletop.”

Octa in MacUser (dragged)MacUser Magazine's 2013 Gift Guide including Octa's TabletTail:Monkey Kit iPad Stand.




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